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Dr. Husam M. Yaghi

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Retired Information Technology Executive and Business Advisor


Husam Yaghi is a charismatic leader and a strategic visionary thinker.  In addition to his solid technical background, he has good business acumen with deep understanding of regional and global developments in business automation.  A Chief Information Officer (CIO) who is less technology focused and more strategy oriented.  Community service advocate, Editor-in-Chief and owner of the Arab Experts Portal (, for the promotion of Arabic content on the Internet.  His industry reputation of knowledge, honesty, dedication, and leadership is another testament to his track record (  Currently, he’s advocating blockchain use for the benefits it brings.  He’s also proud of the young entrepreneurs he raised.



Ph.D.  in Computer Science, Louisiana State University- Baton Rouge, LA (USA)
Masters of Science in Computer Science, Southern University- Baton Rouge, LA (USA)
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering,Southern University- Baton Rouge, LA (USA)


Skills Summary

  • A seasoned professional with a broad knowledge and profound experience in information technology.
  • Dedicated, focused, energetic, and visionary.
  • Over 12 years of experience in information technology in the USA.
  • Over 12 years of experience in Saudi Arabia.
  • Excellent knowledge of the local market.
  • Strategic visionary IT planner.
  • Financial management and reporting.
  • Coaching, mentoring, and leadership.


Professional Summary
Alhamrani Group of Companies (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
Group Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Alhamrani is a leading multi-billion dollar holding company in the field of automotive, finance, technology, retail, and manufacturing with over 3000 employees and a turnover of about US$1 Billion.

Led  the group’s entire IT strategy & operations.  Served on the Chairman’s advisory board  (2007, 2008) and served as a member of the budget review committee which evaluated all funding requests (2008).  I managed to secure support and funding to incubate  a number of enterprise applications; such as, Cognos BI, BaaN LN V6, and Kerridge AutoLine V8.  Collaborated with the group CFO to build technology-based business performance dashboards that enhanced overall leadership skills and finance acumen of senior executives and department heads. Upgraded internal communication mechanisms which harnessed a more collaborative work environment between the group companies.

EzAlsahra Holding Group of Companies (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

Head of Corporate Research (EzAlsahra Holding)
Vice President (Kahmas Technology Company)

EzAlsahra Holding was a startup of  five diversified companies focused on  providing cutting edge global solutions  in security, technology, healthcare and aquaculture

Reporting to the President, I led a team of 15 individuals and delivered   US $3 million in revenues. Also, secured strategic partnerships with new international companies and  initiated work  on large-scale projects (US$50M+) in the biometrics field for the Ministry of Interior.  In addition:

Vinnell Corporation (Saudi Arabian National Guard)

Advisor & Director  (Data Networks and Security)

Recruited from USA as an Expert Advisor to the Saudi National Guard via Vinnell Corporation.  In addition, was appointed as Director for Data Networks & Security.  Interacted with 5-star Generals. Built complex data networks and services for the Saudi Arabian National Guard throughout the Kingdom, both urban and rural locations.    Developed innovative technology-based solutions to secure ammunition warehouses and intelligence sections.  Provided state-of-art data connectivity and video conferencing tools for field-based senior executives.    Managed a budget of over  US $5 Million.

Southern University (Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA)

Member of Advisory Board to the University President  (1997)
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering (1996-1997)
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering (1991- 1996)
Instructor and Teaching Assistant (1987 – 1991)

Repeatedly, I was recognized as an outstanding professor of Electrical Engineering. Taught four courses in Digital Systems, Microprocessors Design, Numerical Methods, and Digital Communication. In addition to my teaching duties, I also served as Telecommunication Advisor to the University’s President and  Director for the Engineering Data Center which had about 1500 users.   Also, I secured more  than US$100 Million in grant research funds  from IBM, NASA, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, and others.

Southern University (Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA)

College of Engineering
Manager, Engineering Data Center   

I managed a newly established data center to serve all departments of the College of Engineering and administer its IBM 4341 mainframe and Sun Network.  I designed and operated the Engineering FDDI Backbone Network.   I also installed and managed the college’s BitNet email system and initial link to the Internet for the entire university via a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Other Activities

  • Received numerous excellence & distinguished service awards.
  • Featured in several magazines and newspapers.
  • Honorary listing at Who’sWho in America and Who’sWho Emerging Leaders.
  • Member of Eta Kappa Nu Engineering Honor Society (USA).
  • Member of Golden Key Honor Society (USA).
  • Member of Louisiana Engineering Society (USA).
  • Member of National Society for Professional Engineers (USA).
  • Published and presented over 22 technical papers in USA, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and others.


Recent Recommendations

(original copy is on my LinkedIn profile at

Al Marcella, Ph.D., CISA, CFSA, CDP
Principal/CEO, Business Automation Consultants, LLC
(Dr. Alber Marcella is a distinguished author and lecturer in Forensics security and IT audit)

“It is with great pleasure that I can wholeheartedly and with great confidence and satisfaction recommend to you my long time friend Dr. Husam M. Yaghi. Dr. Yaghi has served with distinction in leadership roles throughout his career. Dr. Yaghi has demonstrated both the technical expertise as well and the business prowess, making him a much sought after business executive. Throughout Dr. Yaghi’s distinguished career, he has served his profession with honor, leadership, and strong guidance and is selfless in giving of his time to assist others. Dr. Yaghi’s grasp of both the technical complexities of the IT profession as well as the subtleties required to manage technical professionals, lead successful projects, and interact with senior management are testaments to his enduring business acumen. As a leader and decision maker, I can confidently state that Dr. Yaghi will be a formidable addition and asset to any progressive, forward thinking, and global enterprise.” January 28, 2009

Zuhair Maghrabi
Formerly Group HR Director, Alhamrani Group

“Throughout my career in HR, I came across very few IT professionals who have true business sense, and have the ability to look at IT from a business prospective, Husam definitely was one of those professionals. He has very strong capabilities in handling change resistance, as well as illustrating the added values of IT initiatives. Further and above to his very sound technical knowledge, he is very assertive, hands on as well strategic professional, and most important he sees things to the end. I have truly enjoyed working with him, and wish him all the best in his career.” November 6, 2007

Waleed T. Al Alami
Formerly Executive Assistant to Group COO, Alhamrani Group

“Dr. Husam is a learned scholar, who is also a seasoned professional with a vast experience, he works in a quite but most effective way- it was always my pleasure to see his great presentations, work with him on projects as he had defined goals, always planned well, executed with quality and on time. I know that any corporation which he works with must be of high professional standings, with good HR to attract him and simply lucky.” January 25, 2009

Ibrahim Al Asseri
Formerly Director of Business Operations, Hughes Aircraft Company

“Dr. Husam has been always one of the business innovative leaders. He keeps enhancing business operations through valuable data analysis and constructive recommendations. He leads teams to overcome challenges and bringing results beyond expectations. He works long hours and under stress with wisdom and team spirit. His technical background and abilities always raise clients confidence level of the organizations he represents.” May 2, 2011

Tariq Abdat

“Dr. Husam is a real IT professional with a business mind who contributes to the growth of any organization he works for. He is dedicated , hard-working and a loyal officer. I highly recommend him as a CIO for those organizations looking for senior experienced executives.” January 27, 2009

Issam Qasem
Formerly Assistant Professor / Acting Chairman, Southern A&M University

“It gives me great satisfaction and distinct gratification to recommend my esteemed long time friend Husam M. Yaghi. In my capacity as Assistant Professor and Acting Chairman of Electronics Engineering Department, I have worked closely with Dr. Yaghi for five years while he served as an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Director of the Engineering Computing Center. Dr. Yaghi is one of the most professional people I ever worked with; he is very intellectual, well organized, and exceptionally capable. I view Dr. Yaghi as a scholar with abundant capabilities and as a great innovator in both business and technology. I really do think the world of Dr. Yaghi and respect him and his capabilities significantly. Dr. Yaghi is a trustworthy gentleman with strong conviction and I would without any reservation recommend him. He would be a tremendous asset in any organization.” January 27, 2009

Jamal Zayed
General Manager, IT Infrastructure, Alhamrani Group Of Companies

“Dr. Husam is one of the most outstanding IT Managers I’ve ever met. I have known him for over 10 years. He’s a strategist and a leader. Husam who is a talented team player, is a great asset to a team of executives at any high profile Group in the region. No doubt, he uses his rich technical skills coupled with business knowledge to make significant contributions which always distinguishes him.” May 9, 2009

Abdul Kareem Shaik
Formerly Art Director, Microns Multimedia International

“A guru in I.T or should I say the most literate personality that I have come across with such in debt knowledge about technology. I remember our discussions related to I.T and media that lasted hours my amusement to his extensive knowledge and expertise. I think I was fortunate enough to work for him on few project in the past. A true inspirational personality to follow…” October 30, 2008

Mohammad Al-Kharashi
Senior Advisor, Saudi Telecom
Formerly,  Director, General Directorate of Information Technology, Saudi Arabian National Guard

“I knew Dr. Husam Yaghi as a hardworking dedicated person. He is always sharp and does things in a timely manner, regardless of the time needed to finish the work. He is fun to be around, he will extend an arm and a leg to help his colleague and work even outside working hours. Dr. Husam is an asset for any one working with him.” May 11, 2009

Khalid Mansour
GM – Commercial Division at Basamh
Formerly, VP Operations, EzAlSahra Holding Group

“Husam is a true professional with a larger-than-life aptitude for results. He is focused, self-driven and possesses many core competencies which the industry is hungry for indeed.” June 6, 2009

Kokab Mirza
Chief Operating Officer, Ez Alsahra Holding Company

“Husam was one of the pioneers in the start-up activities of the telecommunications line at Ez AlSahra Group. Any new venture is a painstaking task. Telecom sector being more so, because of rapidly changing and intensely competitive environment. This required highest level of technical competencies, knowledge of customers, service providers, suppliers and market at large. Above all, it required unwavering commitment, mental toughness, analytical skills and ability to work long and smart. These are the very qualities that Husam brought to bear on this business venture.” June 11, 2009

Feda Khallad
Sales Director for Middle East – iDirect Technologies
Formerly, Accounts Manager, Marconi Middle East

“I have worked with Dr. Yaghi over a period of two years during which we had developed several new business opportunities. During the span of the two year period, Dr. Yaghi had displayed a world class level of professionalism and capability in managing new opportunities from their early delicate infancy stage to later stages that needed robustness and persistence materialized.  His well-rounded technical knowledge coupled with good business acumen made a difference in our partnership.  Though on a personal note, I always had enjoyed working with Husam and I would not hesitate to work with him again and again when opportunities arise.   He is honest at work and honest with friends, a quality I admire.” May 9, 2011

Chris Findlay
CFO, Alhmrani Company for Investment in Trade,

“Husam is a highly knowledgeable IT professional with a great ability to understand business requirements and to provide appropriate IT solutions. He is a measured and patient person who deals comfortably and capably with non-technical, operational and business issues. It is always a pleasure to work with him.” May 16, 2011


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